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Artist Nina Melissa Pascal

Floral Park, New York, USA

Kathryn Dancing 1
Ink, pastel and charcoal on paper

Artist Statement
Woman as sexualized object is ubiquitous throughout the history of Western art and contemporary culture.  When approaching my work, subversion of this gaze is ever-present in my mind and so the individual subjectivity of my models is paramount.  My works are not portraits in the traditional sense.  I do not aim simply to capture a likeness, or a beautiful body made for easy consumption.

It is the experience of working with someone that intrigues me and I am constantly challenged to bring to life some aspect of this. The visual layering of imagery in my present work resulted from the desire to capture the vitality and the energy of those brief moments of interaction. I prefer to let the model set the tone, to do whatever comes naturally or feels right in that moment.

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