art show light and dark artists

The following images were accepted for the juried online art exhibition, Light and Dark.

This exhibition is one of the themes that will be reviewed again for a live exhibition in the upcoming months.

For this exhibition, we looked for artwork that interprets these contrasting elements.  The use of light and shadow are what art really is. It’s also historically been a struggle between good and evil, between honesty and deception, between what seems apparent and what really is.

To view the accepted artists list, please scroll down.

Alon Hadar Solitude
Chris Burks Mary
Dan Pyle Leftovers, Skeleton Keys, The Game, Uneven Odds
David Poindexter The Music Doesn’t Play Anymore
David Quinn Nearly Done
David Nackashi Water 1, Water 2
Jamal de Jong Under the Spotlight
Joanna Bavero Cold Hard Light, Emotional Razorblade, Scissors, Sinner’s Delight
Leslie Adler Reflections
Liza Hennessey Botkin Night Lights Tunnel
Lucas James Mirage 2, Mirage 3, Mirage 4
Marcos Armitaje Cacique, Pascua
Neal McDannel Disenchanted Beauty, Subway Scene, Voyage on the Surry
Nicole Sanabria The Draw
Olga Stamatiou No. 3 The Walk
Rachel Hobreigh Shadow Portrait Blue
Soliana Habte Blue Against Rock Wall
Susan Wallace Journey East

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