The following images were judged again by Linus Art Galleries to create a visually diverse live art exhibition, called “Silent Communication.” Please view the list below for artists and number of artworks selcted. Short description: Silent Communication is a collective art exhibition that combines the seven art themes Gestures and Facial Expressions, Miniatures, Mood, Nature Speaks, Portraits 2013, Psyche and Strength.   First Name Last Name Artwork Selected Alejandro Cerutti 1 Anya Kavanaugh 2 Bill Hornaday 1 catherine stickles 1 Chris Burks 1 Christina Preiss 2 Christina Sammour 1 Claudia Bicen 3 David Hicks 1 Doreen Adams 1 Doug Lawler 3 Enzie Shahmiri 1 Francesco Palombi 3 Gabriella Sanchez 1 GhislaineRead More →