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Abstracts Call for Entries Accepted Artists Artist Laria Saunders Los Angeles, California Spring In Paris Fine Art Photography Artist Statement My former profession as a dancer has influenced the method I use for abstract photography. This piece is part of the culmination stage; a window of time amongst the living in Paris. I am striving for unique color schemes, textures, geometry and fluidity of line and movement. Sometimes the photo straight out of camera will only need minor developing and other times it is only a structural skeleton of the final image I envision. The three images represented here are part of a collection calledRead More →

Abstracts Call for Entries Accepted Artists Artist Marvin Carlton Phoenix, Arizona Stones Digital Art Artist Statement I have lived a majority of my life in the Deserts of Arizona. You begin to place a reverence around water especially when your the son of a farmer. It’s coolness, it’s fluidity, it’s magical ability to replace desolation with bloom. This feeling was magnified when I attended College in Santa Barbara, it was so beautiful next to the sea. Graduating from Brooks Institute with a BA Degree in Commerical Photography I’ve seen film & darkrooms turn into Digital Capture & Computer Workstations. I’ve seen the revolution of evolution.Read More →