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Artists Janelle Pietrzak & Aloyse Blair

Basalt, Colorado, USA

Reaching Circle


 Artists Statement

Through the alchemy of photography, these performance-based, long exposure images use self-portraiture to explore transcendence, nature and the sacred feminine.  By using an in-camera photographic process, the resulting images are documents of hallowed events.  Ceremonially invoking the divine, the veil between human and goddess becomes transparent and the presence of nature is revealed as an active entity. Inspired by the haunting images of Anna Mendieta and Francesca Woodman, these self-portraits not only incorporate exceptional physical locations, but also the artists’ quest for spirituality. Inspired by their location, these documented rituals blur the line between performance, art, divinity and the power of nature.



The views expressed by our artists in their artist statements do not necessarily represent the views of our art galleries. Artists can be visually expressive but may verbally misrepresent their true intentions or ideas. Please note that we support expression, whether it is controversial or not, but our intention is never to offend.



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Our owner and curator is Linnea Lenkus, who has two Los Angeles portrait studios and has a passion for high quality art.

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