The following artists were accepted for the online exhibition, The Water’s Edge.  They will judged again for participation in the upcoming live art exhibit on October 19, 2012. To view the complete list of artworks for this art exhibition, please click on the artists names. Kaleo Kong Karen Hochman Brown Katherine Boatman Lark (Larisa) Pilinsky Laurence Scott Lindsay Budner Lynda Howitt Mark Lefkowitz Michelle Bauer Olivier Tourlet Rebecca Fogg Rita Sklar Robin Hextrum Rush White Samantha Fried Tina Carter Trini Schultz Ulrike Scheuchl Valda Bailey    Read More →

It’s been a busy month and a half here at Linus as we try to prepare for Nude But Not Rude while reviewing submissions for our online galleries.  We are happy to have been overwhelmed with such beautiful artwork, from oil paintings to charcoal illustrations, to photographs and mixed media, we have a little bit of everything to choose from for our upcoming  collective show.  Here are the accepted artists for our online gallery shows that will be judged one final time before the decision for the live collective show in August is made : My Loves Bruce Erikson Emily Joy Rabinowitz Jamy Kahn Linda Iorio Louise ORourkeRead More →

That’s correct!  On June 15th come meet the incredibley talented  Linus Artist,  Steve Rude  who has generously offered to do a live semi nude painting demonstration at the Nude But Not Rude art exhibition at our Pasadena gallery.  We are extremely excited to be able to partner up with Steve to bring you a bit of the art process.  The completed piece will then be auctioned off in a silent bid.   Since 1981, Steve Rude has been creating beautiful masterpieces that are highly reminiscent of the 30’s. 40’s and 50’s.  His artwork has been featured in many comic books, art exhibitions and has won various awards.  He is constantly working onRead More →

Our Nude Call for Entries entitled, Nude But Not Rude, was to end last night. However, we had a few people complain that they couldn’t submit online. Maybe the contact form went down, we don’t know. Our apologies to those artists who attempted to submit but couldn’t. So, in all fairness, we’ve extended the call for artists one week to accomodate those folks who had trouble.  Please click on Call for Entries to go and submit your nude art for our Nude But Not Rude Art Show.Read More →

Last Friday, December 9th, 2011, was the opening reception for the Black and White Art Exhibit featuring artwork from around the world. We are so honored to have the artists on this page to represent at the art show and reception. We were so jazzed that Michael Ellison of Savannah, Georgia flew out for the event. Robin Smith, from Colorado, was there too! Many other artists were there in force. Thank you. Your energy and presence were so wonderful. Here are some images of the gallery that I snuck into the gallery the morning after to take after the show. We had fun! Let’s doRead More →

After careful deliberation the Curator and the Director chose their favorite artists and artwork. This was no easy task as there were many wonderful artists. The crowd that visited the art gallery also chose their favorites. Crowd Favorite 1st place Artwork:  Jill Duncan, 4 Knobs with Escucthens     Crowd Favorite 2nd place Artwork:     Robin Smith, Microcosm           Crowd Favorite 3rd place Artwork:      P. Colby Meyer, Signal             Curator’s Award for Best Artist:      Micheal Knapstein            Director’s Award for Best Artist:      Michael Ochinero, Night     Gallery Choice for BestRead More →

We’ve stretched the deadline for the Black and White Art Show and moved around the dates a bit on this exhibit and other art shows. This is the last call. The call for entries deadline ends tomorrow at midnight. Please go to the Black and White Call for Entries page and submit your best black and white. We’ve gotten a few calls about whether this Black and White Art Show also includes monotone pieces of artwork other than photography. Yes! Please note that we did not say black and white photography, but black and white. So submit those monotone drawings, paintings and all two-dimensional artRead More →

We have a new video of our Pasadena Art Gallery. It’s a fun video created by videographer Tamara Hoerthe. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the exhibit. Please click below to see the video of our recent Nature Art Exhibit.Read More →

This week our submissions forms had some issues for a couple of days, so in all fairness to those who struggled through the process of submitting images and then having to go back and resubmit, we are extending our deadline two days to adjust for that.   We are very excited seeing the images of artwork come in for the Nature call for entries. We are seeing artwork from around the world as Nature is everywhere and with many perspectives.   So, please note that September 26th is the new cutoff for the Nature call for entries and we hope to announce the winners soonRead More →