Through intriguing imagery, artistic expectations were met at our recent live art show, “Silent Communication”.  All of the participating artists contributed to making this another successful exhibition at our contemporary art gallery. We’d like to put the spotlight on one of these outstanding artists, Doug Lawler.
While living in Hawaii with surroundings that never failed to inspire him, Lawler embraced his initial interest in oil painting. He had several art shows and even received the privilege of having one of his paintings added to a collection at the Hawaii State Art Museum in Honolulu. In the 1960s, he made the San Francisco Bay area his home. Lawler had several solo art shows and was invited to the San Francisco Art Festival. While residing in the bay area, he also founded East Bay Media, a printmaking collective. He designed and printed social justice posters, one being Bring the Monster Down, included in the Oakland Museum’s 2012 exhibition “All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area”. Throughout the 1970s, Lawler lived in Mexico where he produced a series of pastel drawings, later displayed in a U.S. art exhibit. Soon after, he moved to Spain and for twelve years his career continued to blossom by exhibiting in various galleries and being published in several periodicals in Barcelona. Returning to the U.S. brought about a different focal interest for Lawler as he delve into art conservation, earning himself the award of the contract for the restoration of the San Francisco Palace of Legion of Honor Museum.
Los Angeles art gallery
Los Angeles art gallery
After a 25 year career hiatus, Lawler has continued to feed his artistic desire, most recently with an interest in dry point print making. For “Silent Communication”, the artist features a few pieces that wowed viewers with his unique technique and powerful representations. In the piece entitled Man with a Beard (pictured above), his unlikely method of engraving into paper with a dry point tool enhances the essence behind the subject. Lawler describes his process as though “creat[ing] an appearance of looking through a combination of colors”. The intentional lines engraved into the oil pastel form wrinkles on the man’s face, outlining a roadmap of his life through the surface of his skin.


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Portrait ( pictured left), also made using a dry point tool, plays with the element of light; the man’s face serves as a surface for light to reflect and transmit off of. In Family Portrait (pictured below)Lawler incised the image into a copper plate with numerous hard-pointed tools. Ink was then applied into the finished image in order to add detail and expression with the “residual ‘tone'”. The loyalty and protection of a canine companion is seen in The Lookout. The initial stages of this painting began with a series of pencil sketches, resulting in a final painting created using only his hands. The oil pastel piece, Mass Surrender, is enriched with color as to evoke a need to survive through the expressive figures. In Storm With Dog, Lawler, once again uses his fingers rather than brushes to execute this rendition. Here a colorful storm swirls intensely throughout the sky, while a meek dog cautiously hunches as low as possible. The artist describes it as though the dog is “making himself small”, which is reflected through the animal’s frightened position. The combination of painting and drawing, enhances the smeared uncontrollable movement implied throughout the composition.

Los Angeles art gallery
We were so pleased to have Doug Lawler as one of the artists showcased in our Silent Communication art exhibition. His incredible talent matched with his kind heart made him a treat to work with and we look forward to his future creations! Check back to see Doug Lawler’s portrait as part of the Artist Portrait Series.

The impressive Silent Communication art exhibition is still available to view online. Please contact the gallery at 310.491.0269 to purchase any of the artwork shown.

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