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We, as humans, favor beauty. Beauty is a common open art call. We love it. But there is a contrast, and even a similarity to something or somebody ugly. Ugliness is a part of life, and sometimes to just embrace ugly artistically and emotionally an artist can find truth and acceptance, and beauty in everything. In this open art call we asked artists for their version of ugly, which may be beauty. It’s all subjective and it always enlightens.

The accepted artists for this open art call are:
• artist Abi Wonderbread from Austin, Texas: Silkscreen
• artist Adrian Hashimi from New York, New York: Oil On Canvas
• artist Ana Bass from Avila Beach, California: Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Wash, Oil Stick, Multi Media Collage
• artist Andrew Venell from San Francisco, California: Giclée On Aluminum, Giclée On Paper
• artist Antonio Franchi from Milan, Italy: Acrylic
• artist Charlene Nield from Alexandria, Virginia: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Christopher Soohoo from Los Angeles, California: Oil
• artist Constance Vepstas from Chicago, Illinois: Digital Print
• artist Don Bergland from Victoria, Canada: Digital Pigment Print
• artist Doug Lawler from Oakland, California: Oil Pastels On Paper
• artist Grant Fuhst from Salt Lake City, Utah: Acrylic
• artist Han Huisman from Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin: Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media
• artist Hilary Saner from Morro Bay, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Isaac Mccaslin from Jefferson, Louisiana: Oil
• artist Ken Clark from Christchurch, New Zealand: Digital Art And Oils On Canvas
• artist Miguel Cortinas from San Antonio, Texas: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Moises Ramos from Jacksonville, Florida: Acrylic, Oil
• artist Monique Sullivan from San Antonio, Texas: Instant Film
• artist Stacy Holmstedt from Mesa, Arizona: Mixed Media
• artist Zoe Lefort from Burlington, Canada: Oil On Canvas