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Nude art has been a deep tradition in the art world. Linus Gallery embraces fine art nudes. The exploration of the human form has been the subject of millions of artists through time. The beauty of the human body fascinates, and unfortunately, repulses many people. But it always forms an emotional reaction because all of us own a human body. You look down at yourself and see the glory of life, whether you’re are of that or not. And so, that may be why we are all so reactionary to nude art. Reaction is art. In Skin, we asked artists for their best art of the human form.

The following artists were accepted:
• artist Ana Milena Tamara from Augusta, Georgia: Oil On Canvas
• artist Anita Sagastegui from Walnut Creek, California: Photography
• artist Barbara Berry from Pottstown, Pennsylvania: Pastel
• artist Carlo Savo from Olyphant, Pennsylvania: Acrylic
• artist Douglas Malone from Royal Oak, Michigan: Charcoal
• artist Elizabeth Jose from Taos, New Mexico: Oil On Canvas
• artist Frank Ramme from Ontario, California: Oil And Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Leah Daley from Hoboken, New Jersey: Charcoal, Acrylic
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Marsha Karagheusian from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky: Ceramic Earthenware Clay
• artist Patrick Whitaker from Bellevue, Washington: Gelatin Silver
• artist Peter Ivanoff from Palo Alto, California: Archival Prints
• artist Salvador Jasso from Ada, Oklahoma: Oil On Masonite
• artist Skyler Pham from Bloomington, Indiana: Intaglio, Chine Colle
• artist Stephanie Sailer from Kingston, Illinois: Mixed Media – Cross Stitch, Metal, Wax
• artist Tijana Petrovic from Zagreb, Croatia: Acrylic
• artist Yige Xie from San Francisco, California: Choral And Oil