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shadow art gallery los angeles Silhouettes Artist Jim Baab | Human Landscape I

Artist Jim Baab

Somerville, Massachusetts USA

Human Landscape I

Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement
Illusion, a recurring theme in my more celebrated creations, can be equated to magic, trickery, deception. But, my intent is not to fool. I, simply, enjoy sharing unique perspectives that reconnect viewers to things they often take for granted.
Like our primal ability to see faces within random patterns on inanimate surfaces, or, familiar shapes in cloudy skies, I believe this work exercises a desire to recognize and maintain mankind’s elemental and majestic bonds with nature.
Inspiration for this piece comes from the playful artistry of photographers Karin Rosenthal, Arno Rafael Minkkinen and Bill Brandt. While photographing the nude in the “great outdoors” can be challenging, my approach is often streamlined by my ability to sense and condense structure and parallels within three-dimensional spaces.
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