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political art galleries la 600x450 Political Commentary Artist Kathleen Keifer | The Environmental Puzzle | Oil Painting

Artist Kathleen Keifer

Manhattan Beach, California USA

The Environmental Puzzle

Oil Painting

Artist Statement
Science is only catching up with a concept that artists and poets have always understood: Our universe is interconnected on a sublime level. But even on an obvious visual level, our environment is impacted by different types of pollution daily. I walked on the beach this morning and had my feet covered with tar from an oil spill that occurred last week in Santa Barbara. I saw sea lions beached and suffering. The oil painting of the beach with the missing piece of sky is meant to suggest both the seen and unseen damage inflicted upon the world we live in.
My love affair with California began when My husband Jim, and our three young daughters, moved to Malibu in1996. I compulsively painted the landscape and the beaches in Malibu, trying to capture the sense of time and timelessness that I experienced in California. I continue to be fascinated by color and interplay of light on iconic objects.
Kathleen Keifer is an Internationally collected artist who makes her home in Manhattan Beach and Idyllwild California. Please visit her website,, for more information.
The views expressed by our artists in their artist statements do not necessarily represent the views of our art galleries. Artists can be visually expressive but may verbally misrepresent their true intentions or ideas. Please note that we support expression, whether it is controversial or not, but our intention is never to offend.

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