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Mechanical art is not often an art subject. However, we are surrounded with technology, science and mechanics. It invades our modern lives. In this art competition we asked to see an artist’s best mechanical art.

The following artists were accepted into the Mechanical Online Art Show:
• artist Andrew Wohl from Bethesda, Maryland: Digital Photograph
• artist Don Jacobson from Portland, Oregon: Photography
• artist John Q. Mcdonald from Pleasanton, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Minako Yamano from Saitama, Japan: Mixed Media
• artist Muhammed Salayi from Edmonton, Canada: Acrylic On Birchwood
• artist Saxon Buckley from Sydney, Australia: Graphite, Charcoal, And Colour Pencil
• artist Tony Shipp from Huntsville, Texas: Wood, Found Objects