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Flowers surround us and give us beauty in life. Their delicate nature makes us realize the fragility of life as well. They are interpreted in a plethora of botanical art throughout art history. An artist’s perspective of flowers or all flora, including non-flowering plants, can tell us how the artists perceive floral life. In Flower Power, we asked to see the artist’s view of flowers.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
artist Amy Cunningham-Waltz from Manlius, New York: Watercolor, Gouache And Ink
artist Andrew Wohl from Bethesda, Maryland: Digital Photograph
• artist Carmel Wellburn from Bayview 2104 Nsw, Australia: Photography
artist Carrie Megan from Wellesley, Massachusetts: Graphite
artist Cheryl Griesbach from Highlands, New Jersey: Oil On Panel
artist Claudia Hollister from Portland, Oregon: Encaustic Over Cyanotype Prints
artist Fretta Mm Cravens from Portland, Oregon: Photography
artist Irene Lin Yu from Toronto, Canada: Encaustic
• artist Isaac Rauscher from Santee, California: Photography
artist Jamie Craddock-Johnson from Gilbert, Arkansas: Watercolor And Ink
• artist Jean Nunez Donegan from Thibodaux, Louisiana: Ceramic
artist Jo Snyder from Taylor, Texas: Ink & Watercolor
• artist Kimberly Overton from Castro Valley, California: Oil Pastel
• artist Lisa Corsiglia from Venice, California: Mixed Media
• artist Lisa Freeman-Wood from Magalia, California: Watercolor
artist Lori Klassen from Toronto, Canada: Oil Paintings
• artist Lynda Younker from Lantana, Florida: Photography
• artist Mai Chau Hong from Ronago, Italy: Photography
artist Maria Rebelo from Wilmette, Illinois: Archival Pigment Print
artist Matt Barlow from London, United Kingdom: Photography
artist Mike Guinto from Rochester, New York: Digital Photograph
artist Olga Sokolova from Moscow, Russian Federation: Watercolor And Mixed Media
artist Roberto Greco from Paris, France: Digital Photography
• artist Sai Paralikar from Pune, India: Oil
artist Silvia Garcia from Claremont, California: Acrylics, Digital Optical Media, Glass Beads, Oil
artist Stephanie Sydney from Venice, California: Photography
• artist Susan Holtz from Glencoe, Illinois: Photography
artist Susanne Quilici from Los Angeles, California: Digital Photography
artist Trina Moore from Olympia, Washington: Oil On Canvas