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contemporary art gallery botanical 600x450 In Bloom Artist Orfeo Fabbri | The Devil Wears prada

Artist Orfeo Fabbri

Massachusetts , USA

The Devil Wears Prada

Oil Painting

Artist Statement
With oil paint, Orfeo creates images on canvas that blur and streak with movement and light. Nudes or figures in motion stretch through each canvas, sensitively rendered in varied hues. Faceted yet textured, each piece blends and sharpens skin tones against saturated backdrops. The result becomes an abstraction of the human form, capturing the delicate slump of shoulders or the soft contour of a nose and cheek in alternately crisp and fading boundaries between pigments. With each sensitively painted form, Orfeo reflects on complementary aspects of humanity, like innocence and beauty or longing and fear. The meditative nature of his subjects and his expressive use of color, texture, and brush quality communicate the complexity of human emotion. Each work balances the accidental with the intentional. Scrapes or splatters are controlled and juxtaposed with intentional strokes to imbue each abstracted figure with life.
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