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art openings los angeles 021 Constant Connection Artist Art Brown | Eavesdropper


Artist Art Brown

Kingsport, Tennessee, USA



Artist Statement
“Eavesdropper” combines layers of printed letterpress type and the image of a foreboding creature that was inspired by news stories from 2013 concerning the N.S.A. spying on cell phone calls and internet habits of citizens. The creature’s monstrous form e
While we are all constantly connected through mobile devices and social media, this “creature” or government manifestation lurks in the background, making use of these connections to collect and analyze the data of our daily lives.
Political issues and current events are often the subjects of my work. For each story or issue, there are many conflicting opinions that I feel need to be acknowledged. By overlapping multiple layers of ink in my relief prints, I have the opportunity to r
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Art Galleries Southern California

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