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Fragmented art, whether it be collages, abstracts, splintered art, or fractured art allows the viewer to see what the artist sees, in pieces woven together in a mosaic to narrate a story or a perception. It’s an abstract way of thinking, breaking down perspective into finite relative pieces. It makes no sense at first, and yet, it makes the ultimate sense. In this international art call we are asked for the artist’s interpretation of fragmented art.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
artist A.M. Benz from Ottawa, Canada: 24 Karat Gold Smalti
artist Andrea Lamarsaude from Dallas, Texas: Mixed Media
artist Bronwen Shelwell from Taipei, Taiwan: Glass And Mirror Shards On Sheet Metal
• artist Carmel Wellburn from Sydney NSW, Australia: Photography
artist Cheryl Dawdy from Ann Arbor, Michigan: Collage
artist Daena Title from Los Angeles, California: Oil On Canvas
artist Daniel Silverman from Santa Fe, New Mexico: Acrylic, Charcoal, Pen & Ink
• artist Evan Thanus from New York, New York: Mixed Media
artist Grace Modla from Holmdel, New Jersey: Acrylic, Mixed Media
artist Graceann Cummings from Seattle, Washington: Oil And Broken Mirror
artist Guntis Lauzums from Belgium, Wisconsin: Photography
artist Holly Hagan from Hesperus, Colorado: Acrylic On Canvas
artist Irina Shoyhet from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Photo Prints
artist Jamie Craddock-Johnson from Gilbert, Arkansas: Acrylic And Collage
artist Jan Brown from Novi, Michigan: Mixed Media
artist Janet Jaffke from Blotzheim, France: Mixed Media
artist JD Saxon from Placerville, California: Acrylic
• artist Jeannie Hua from Las Vegas, Nevada: Mixed Media, Handcut Collage
artist Joe Calleri from Melbourne, Australia: Photography, Digital Art
artist Julian Sharwood from Vancouver, Canada: Mixed Mediums
artist Leslie Teegarden from Denver, Colorado: Acrylic Pastel
artist Liz Ruest from Seattle, Washington: Digital Collage
artist Oz Van Rosen from New York, New York: Photography- Digital Art
• artist Paul Manzella from Midland Park, New Jersey: Mixed Medium,Canvas
artist Paula Haapalahti from Vantaa, Finland: Photography
artist Silvia Garcia from Claremont, California: Mixed Media
artist Stephanie Holznecht from Janesville, Wisconsin: Acrylic, Fluid Acrylic
artist Suzi Hyun from Brooklyn, New York: Digital -Experimental Photography
artist Sylvia Bandyke from Royal Oak, Michigan: Photography
artist Yuta Uchida from Minneapolis, Minnesota: Digital


Innocence is defined as being without corruption, guile, or guilt, or worldly sophistication, but also it defines a time in life of joy and naivete. It’s the embodiment of purity, of virginity, and freedom from blame. Most innocence from children fades with time and experience, but watching the innocent play joyfully and candidly is a soulful experience. Where is your innocence? Where is your inner child? Is it in the past? Is in the present? Is it in politics? Is it in culture? Does innocence make our world better? Or worse? In this call for entries we asked for the artist’s interpretation of innocence.

Featuring Oil On Canvas, Acrylic, Photography, Mixed Media, Oil Paintings, Sculpture, Collage, Pastel And Gouache, Strings And Acrylic Paint, Watercolor And Ink, Beeswax, Encaustic And Oil On Paper, Oil Paintings, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Lithograph, Mixed Media, Digital Photography, and Mixed Media the accepted artists from this call for entries are:

artist Benji Alexander Palus from New Orleans, Louisiana: Oil On Canvas
artist Blair Kurtz from Encino, California: Acrylic
• artist Carmel Wellburn from Sydney NSW, Australia: Photography
artist Caryn Coville from Greenvale, New York: Mixed Media
artist Deborah Rodrigues from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey: Oil Paintings
artist Eike Waltz from Aptos, California: Sculpture
• artist Heesoo Park from New York, New York: Collage, Pastel And Gouache, Strings And Acrylic Paint
artist Jamie Craddock-Johnson from Gilbert, Arkansas: Watercolor And Ink
artist Julia Gil from Los Angeles, California: Beeswax, Encaustic And Oil On Paper
artist Kerry Rowland-Avrech from Seattle, Washington: Oil Paintings
artist Linda Jorda from Porter Ranch, California: Graphite Pencil
• artist Maiya M Lonesome from New Market, Maryland: Charcoal
artist Rose Freeland from South Pasadena, California: Acrylic
artist Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos from Port Washington, New York: Lithograph
artist Timka Szőke from Budapest, Hungary: Mixed Media
artist Trudy L Waterman from Naper, Nebraska: Digital Photography
artist Young Shin from Mountain View, California: Mixed Media


Flower Power

Flowers surround us and give us beauty in life. Their delicate nature makes us realize the fragility of life as well. They are interpreted in a plethora of botanical art throughout art history. An artist’s perspective of flowers or all flora, including non-flowering plants, can tell us how the artists perceive floral life. In Flower Power, we asked to see the artist’s view of flowers.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
artist Amy Cunningham-Waltz from Manlius, New York: Watercolor, Gouache And Ink
artist Andrew Wohl from Bethesda, Maryland: Digital Photograph
• artist Carmel Wellburn from Bayview 2104 Nsw, Australia: Photography
artist Carrie Megan from Wellesley, Massachusetts: Graphite
artist Cheryl Griesbach from Highlands, New Jersey: Oil On Panel
artist Claudia Hollister from Portland, Oregon: Encaustic Over Cyanotype Prints
artist Fretta Mm Cravens from Portland, Oregon: Photography
artist Irene Lin Yu from Toronto, Canada: Encaustic
artist Isaac Rauscher from Santee, California: Photography
artist Jamie Craddock-Johnson from Gilbert, Arkansas: Watercolor And Ink
• artist Jean Nunez Donegan from Thibodaux, Louisiana: Ceramic
artist Jo Snyder from Taylor, Texas: Ink & Watercolor
• artist Kimberly Overton from Castro Valley, California: Oil Pastel
• artist Lisa Corsiglia from Venice, California: Mixed Media
• artist Lisa Freeman-Wood from Magalia, California: Watercolor
artist Lori Klassen from Toronto, Canada: Oil Paintings
• artist Lynda Younker from Lantana, Florida: Photography
artist Mai Chau Hong from Ronago, Italy: Photography
artist Maria Rebelo from Wilmette, Illinois: Archival Pigment Print
artist Matt Barlow from London, United Kingdom: Photography
artist Mike Guinto from Rochester, New York: Digital Photograph
artist Olga Sokolova from Moscow, Russian Federation: Watercolor And Mixed Media
artist Roberto Greco from Paris, France: Digital Photography
• artist Sai Paralikar from Pune, India: Oil
artist Silvia Garcia from Claremont, California: Acrylics, Digital Optical Media, Glass Beads, Oil
artist Stephanie Sydney from Venice, California: Photography
• artist Susan Holtz from Glencoe, Illinois: Photography
artist Susanne Quilici from Los Angeles, California: Digital Photography
artist Trina Moore from Olympia, Washington: Oil On Canvas


Where is My Mind?

What a year! We have often asked ourselves during this tumultuous year the question from the great Pixies song, “Where is My Mind?” In this call for entries we wanted the artist to show where is your mind? Is it way out there? We asked the artist to show us their best interpretation of their minds right now in an abstract way.

The accepted artists from this international open art call for artists are:
• artist Alice Wang from Bellevue, Washington: Digital Art
artist Teresa Zeng from Chicago, Illinois : Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting
artist Molly Bryant from Los Angeles, California : Acrylic, India Ink, & Colored Pencil.
artist Denise Mediavilla from San Diego, California : Acrylic, Paper, Pen
artist Guillaume Louis Petitot-Bellavene from Paris, France : Digital Art – Photography
artist Virginia Gott from Tucson, Arizona : Mixed – Acrylic, Graphite, Ink, Newsprint
artist Jasimen Phillips from Los Angeles, California : Acrylic, Oilbar
artist William Erickson from Jacksonville, Florida : Pastels On Paper
artist Patti Edmon from Lexington, Kentucky : Acrylic Paint On Canvas
artist Jennifer Kelsey from Los Angeles, California : Acrylic, Charcoal, Oil, Pastel, Oil, Charcoal
artist Heather Jacks from Eugene, Oregon : Oil And Cold Wax
artist Paul Miyake from Newport Beach, California : Photography
artist Laura Ewing from Boston, Massachusetts : Acrylic On Masonite
artist Kriss Perras from Topanga, California : Photography
artist Grant Fuhst from Salt Lake City, Utah : Mixed/Digital
artist Maiya Lonesome from New Market, Maryland : Acrylic
artist Tanya Morse from Las Vegas, Nevada : Mixed Media
artist Broderick Price from Brooklyn, New York : Layered Giclee & Paint On Vinyl
• artist John Irizarry from Burleson, Texas : Acrylic
artist Elizabeth Smarz from Chicago, Illinois : Acrylic Painting
• artist Stephanie Holznecht from Janesville, Wisconsin : Acrylic, Tempera And Latex Paint On Canvas
artist Julian Sharwood from Vancouver, Canada : Oil On Canvas And Oil On Paper
• artist Robert Frankel from Wilmette, Illinois : Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Andrea Fabi from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania : Acrylic, Charcoal, Light Manipulation
• artist Makotu Nakagawa from Kitaibaraki, Japan : Photography

Mother Earth

Our Mother. Our Earth. As a recent politician said, “There is no Plan B.” We need to understand and own what we are doing to our environment. Environmental groups are rising en masse.

Think about that for a minute, or two. The corporations and politicians are reckless in destroying our beautiful earth for profit.
We asked artists, as those who see beyond profits and bribes, what Mother Earth meants to them. An artist can conjure up their feelings and perceptions through art in a way that the paper pushers can’t understand. We asked artists to tell us what Mother Earth means to them, to tell them what they are doing to Mother Earth, to tell us all what we will be missing when it will be destroyed, because there is no other world we can escape to.
This call for submissions was about our environment, our planet and our Mother.

The accepted artists from this international art call for entries are:

• artist Anna Rybat from Santa Rosa, California: Oil And Mixed Media On Canvas
• artist Annie Decamp from Denver, Colorado: Encaustic
• artist Annmarie Leblanc from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Digital Art
• artist April Howland from Phoenix, Arizona: Charcoal, Oil, And Resin On Birch
• artist Britni Mara from Chicago, Illinois: Naturally Derived Food Pigments
• artist Darren Sears from San Francisco, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Dave Koch from Utah: Photography
• artist Debra Wuts from Hansville, Washington: Photography
• artist Deirdra Nolan from Cork, Ireland: Oil & Pigment On Board
• artist Ezshwan Winding from San Miguel De Allende, Mexico: Encaustic, Oil, Mixed Media
• artist Gail Gelburd from Otis, Massachusetts: Photography, Encaustic
• artist Gia Asmundo from Catania, Italy: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Grant Fuhst from Salt Lake City, Utah: Digital
• artist Helgard Wertel from Heidelberg, Germany: Mixed Media
• artist Jess Levey from Jackson Heights, New York: Digital
• artist Karen Coburn from Chatsworth, California: Bronze
• artist Kresimir Crash Vorich from Kempten, Germany: Oil On Canvas
• artist Lynn Chen from Chia-Yi, Taiwan: Oil On Canvas
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Maya Just Maya from South Orange, New Jersey: Oil On Canvas
• artist Miguel Barros from Calgary, Canada: Oil On Canvas
• artist Minako Yamano from Tokorozawa, Japan: Mixed Media
• artist Paul Samenfeld from Lynwood, California: Mixed Media Sculptures
• artist Ronit Horan from Sylmar, California: Oil Painting
• artist Sylvia Gardner from Salinas, California: Photography
• artist Terry Young from Pasadena, California: Oil On Canvas


Yellow really is a broad word. It has many definitions: a color, a type of journalism, cowardly, an egg yolk, and aging. In this open art call we asked for the artist’s interpretation of yellow, whether as the color of the presentation of the other definitions of the word.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:

• artist Kerry Mcgehee from Livermore, California: Photography
• artist Lynda Younker from Lantana, Florida: Photography
• artist Randy Sprout from Los Angeles, California: Pen & Ink With Acrylic, Water Color
• artist Sebastian Carlo Moreno from Long Beach, California: Acrylic


It takes a certain type of talent for realism. In this call to artists, we aked for the artist’s best realism. It may be a literal or figurative realism. We wanted to see how the artist interprets realism.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:

• artist Diana Benedetti from Miasmi, Florida: Oi On Canvas
• artist Eamon Conklin from Pasadena, California: Photography
• artist James Earley from Romsey, United Kingdom: Oil On Canvas
• artist Jimmy Lee from Pasadena, California: Watercolor
• artist Sherri Wolfgang from Westport, Connecticut: Metal Print
• artist Victor Sanchez from Brussels, Belgium: Acrylic On Canvas


We were inspired by the #MeToo movement to put up this international call for entries embracing and celebrating the female gender. Women are standing up all over the world. They are in the special moment of empowerment. They are finding their voice. In this open art call, we asked the artists for their interpretation of Femme, of woman, of female.

The accepted artists from the Femme open art call are:
• artist Angela Cruz from Bogotá, Colombia: Mixed Media
• artist Autumn Steam from Salem, Oregon: Ceramic Sculpture
• artist Esther Sohn from San Marino, California: Mixed Media
• artist Helen Teixeira from Redmond, Washington: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Jude Ickes from Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Mixed Medium
• artist Kate Simmons from Colton, Oregon: Digital Photographs On Fabric
• artist Laura Van Horne from Seattle, Washington: Acrylic
• artist Liza Botkin from Studio City, California: Silver Gelatin Prints
• artist Marisa Govin from Mendoza, Argentina: Watercolor On Paper
• artist R. Scott Elgram from Rancho Santa Margarita, California: Photography
• artist Sebastian Moreno from Long Beach, California: Acrylic