Current Juried Exhibition Winners

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There are so many delicious things in abstract art that don’t necessarily cross over into realism. You can get lost in abstracts, creating them and viewing them. They awaken the senses in a completely different way than in “regular” art. They can be completely unique depending on the medium from a mix of color, or line, or texture or depth. They can be utter chaos or orderly organization. In this abstract call for entries we asked that artists show us their best abstract art.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
• artist Amy Nordby from Meriden, Connecticut: Acrylic, Resin, Digital Art
• artist Brandon Henrie from Charlotte, North Carolina: Acrylic On Wood
• artist Brenda Rehrig from Canton, Georgia: Ink On Yupo
• artist Charles Strasshofer from Highland Heights, Ohio: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Christine Duncan from Apache Junction, Arizona: Arcylic
• artist Deprise Brescia from Paso Robles, California: Encaustic Mixed Media W/ Watermelon Quartz
• artist Gar Benedick from Laguna Beach, California: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Han Huisman from Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin: Acrylic Paint
• artist James Harvey from Chicago, Illinois: Photography
• artist Jane Feely from Highland Park, Illinois: Photography
• artist Jessica Hopkins from Takoma Park, Maryland: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Kelly Carrinton from Colchester, Connecticut: Oil Pastel
• artist Laura Ewing from Boston, Massachusetts: Acrylic
• artist M.K. Stam from Altadena, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Maria Rebelo from Chicago, Illinois: Archival Digital Pigment Print
• artist Michele Morgan from Long Beach, California: Silk Painting
• artist Monique Sullivan from San Antonio, Texas: Instant Film
• artist Patti Edmon from Lexington, Kentucky: Pencils, Papers, Acrylics
• artist Reda Karkaba from Calgary, Canada: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil
• artist Reggie Davis from San Francisco, California: Found Objects
• artist Susan Harmon from Copperas Cove, Texas: Mixed On Canvas
• artist Tricia Hoye from Topanga, California: Acrylic
• artist Wanda Hickman from Issaquah, Washington: Watercolor



This is a combined online art show of two different themes: Disturbance and Courage.
We feel that almost every artist comprehends and feels on a different level than most people the concept of Disturbance. It’s a feeling or thought that creates a dissonance in spirit. But isn’t that what creativity evolves out of? Disturbance can be discontent, a different perspective, a conveying of hard truth, horrible unrest, or a reporting of injustice. In this open art call we asked to see what disturbs the artist.

These are times of real courage, of strength, of protest, and resilience. We asked the artist to take those thoughts and emotions and express through their art the concept of Courage in this call for entries.

The accepted artists from both art shows are:
• artist Dawn Marshall from Aurora, Colorado: Photography
• artist Jamie Siragusa from Los Angeles, California: Photography
• artist Jon Murrill from Roanoke, Virginia: Charcoal And Watercolor Pencil
• artist Keith Plummer from Damariscotta, Maine: Bone Sculptures
• artist Michael Barone from Northampton, Pennsylvania: Photography
• artist Monique Sullivan from San Antonio, Texas: Instant Photography
• artist Patricia Jarvis from Boulder, Colorado: Photography
• artist Andre Speckert from San Francisco, California: Analogue Photography
• artist Don Bergland from Victoria, Canada: Digital Pigment Print
• artist Eike Waltz from Aptos, California: Sculpture – Bronze, Maquette To Be Bronze Cast
• artist Eleanor Crane from Los Angeles, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Evan Zook from Orlando, Florida: Silver Gelatin Print
• artist Francisco Malonzo from New York, New York: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Frank Papandrea from Coconut Creek, Florida: Pen And Ink, Pen And Ink W/Digital Color
• artist Fred Larucci from Woodstock, Illinois: Graphite / Pencil, Digital Tinting
• artist Hilliare Wilder from Sullivan, New Hampshire: Fish, Resins, Water
• artist Joanie Landau from Fairfield, Connecticut: Digital Art
• artist John Cadigan from Palo Alto, California: Woodcut
• artist Krista Filchner from Bath, Pennsylvania: Large Format Film Print, Oil Paint And Digital Print, Oil Paint, Cake Icing, Sprinkles On Canvas
• artist Kyle Alexander from Loudoun, Virginia: Photography, Collage, Digital Art
• artist Marcia Wood Mertinooke from Goffstown, New Hampshire: Oil And Charcoal On Panel, Oil And Charcoal On Canvas
• artist Martin Linder from San Francisco, California: Sculpture
• artist Maya Vivas from Portland, Oregon: Unglazed Black Clay
• artist Miguel Barros from Calgary, Canada: Digital Art
• artist Miqueala Hernandez from Chesapeake Beach, Maryland: Clay, Fabric, Thread, Meat, Silk Print
• artist Wendy Leiser from New York, New York: Oil On Boards


Nude art has been a deep tradition in the art world. Linus Gallery embraces fine art nudes. The exploration of the human form has been the subject of millions of artists through time. The beauty of the human body fascinates, and unfortunately, repulses many people. But it always forms an emotional reaction because all of us own a human body. You look down at yourself and see the glory of life, whether you’re are of that or not. And so, that may be why we are all so reactionary to nude art. Reaction is art. In Skin, we asked artists for their best art of the human form.

The following artists were accepted:
• artist Ana Milena Tamara from Augusta, Georgia: Oil On Canvas
• artist Anita Sagastegui from Walnut Creek, California: Photography
• artist Barbara Berry from Pottstown, Pennsylvania: Pastel
• artist Carlo Savo from Olyphant, Pennsylvania: Acrylic
• artist Douglas Malone from Royal Oak, Michigan: Charcoal
• artist Elizabeth Jose from Taos, New Mexico: Oil On Canvas
• artist Frank Ramme from Ontario, California: Oil And Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Leah Daley from Hoboken, New Jersey: Charcoal, Acrylic
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Marsha Karagheusian from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky: Ceramic Earthenware Clay
• artist Patrick Whitaker from Bellevue, Washington: Gelatin Silver
• artist Peter Ivanoff from Palo Alto, California: Archival Prints
• artist Salvador Jasso from Ada, Oklahoma: Oil On Masonite
• artist Skyler Pham from Bloomington, Indiana: Intaglio, Chine Colle
• artist Stephanie Sailer from Kingston, Illinois: Mixed Media – Cross Stitch, Metal, Wax
• artist Tijana Petrovic from Zagreb, Croatia: Acrylic
• artist Yige Xie from San Francisco, California: Choral And Oil


Crowded can be interpreted in different ways. It often has an urban meaning throngs of people in the city leaving no room for movement. But it can also be all that stuff going on in your head. It could be your messy studio or your desk. It could mean something just filled to capacity. In this open art call we want to see the artists’ kind of crowded.

Here are the accepted artists:

• artist Anne Stuer from Norway, Maine: Encaustic
• artist Brandin Barón from San Francisco, California: Photomontage
• artist Danielle Muzina from Willow, Ohio: Acrylic And Found Objects
• artist Diane Morgan from Indian Wells, California: Watercolor
• artist Heather Blanton from St. Augustine, Florida: Acrylic And Pencil On Canvas
• artist Helmo Escobar from Hialeah, Florida: Oil
• artist John Irizarry from Dallas, Texas: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Judy Desimone from West Chester, Pennsylvania: Ceramic
• artist Mahnaz Weldy from Vienna, Virginia: Acrylic On Canvas
• artist Manny Martins-Karman from Winnipeg, Canada: Acrylic
• artist Patricia P. Schnepf from Seattle, Washington: Photography

Cuisine & Beast

We broke with tradition this time, for time’s sake. We combined two call for entries that seemed to go together well.

Cuisine Call for Entries:

Food art is truly a still life that inspires us to eat or educates us about our food or food preparation. This Cuisine call for entries is about making us hungry or making us not want to eat at all. We asked to see the artist’s interpretation of food.

Beast Call for Artists:

The Beast call for entries is a call out for all art pertaining to animals. All animal classes will be considered from bugs, to reptiles, to mammals, to birds to amphibians. We asked to see the artist’s animal art.

Here are the accepted artists:

• artist Alex Cederquist from Los Angeles, California: Photography
• artist Anna Moskaluk from Kingston, Canada: All Watercolour With Integration Of Ink And Water Coloured Pencil
• artist Anna Yates from Hernando, Mississippi: Printmaking
• artist Barbara Krupp from Vero Beach, Florida: Acrylic Painting
• artist Dean Harring from Baltimore, Maryland: Watercolor
• artist Dennis Parrish from Lexington, Kentucky: Graphite And Charcoal On Paper For Each Entry
• artist Effie Noifelt from Los Angeles, California: Photographs, Permanent Markers, Alcohol, Aceton
• artist Eleanor Gray from Santa Clarita, California: Photography
• artist Ilva Beretta from Serravalle Pistoiese (Pt), Italy: Photography
• artist Jackie Bourne from Vancouver, Canada: Acrylic
• artist James Poliak from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Photography
• artist Jane Glotzer from Boulder, Colorado: Reclaimed Glass, Bead And Chain Mosaic On Frying Pan And Wooden Spoon
• artist Jerry Ranch from West Des Moines, Iowa: Digital Photograph
• artist Katarzyna Kaznocha from Thousand Oaks, California: Acrylic
• artist Keith Thomson from Birmingham, Alabama: Oil On Canvas
• artist Kim Martin from Cypress, California: Photography
• artist Marcia Bignall from Williamsburg, Virginia: Digital Photograph
• artist Maria Rebelo from Chicago, Illinois: Archival Digital Pigment Print
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Robbi Montgomery from Mundelein, Illinois: Photography
• artist Susan Altman from Medford, Massachusetts: Mosaic
• artist Tricia Hoye from Topanga, California: Acrylic
• artist William Buchheit from Greer, South Carolina: Photography


Quiet. Stillness. The virtue of solitude. The listening to every detail in silence. Art that reminds us of our inner peace evokes the emotion of calm in us. In this call for entries we asked to see the artist’s Quiet. Namaste.

These are the accepted artists for the Quiet online art gallery are:
• artist Brian Wilson from Banning, California: Mixed Media
• artist Bruce Herman from Eagle River, Alaska: Photography
• artist Eike Waltz from Aptos, California: Sculpture – Bronze, Maquette
• artist Elizabeth Covington from Los Angeles, California: Watercolor
• artist Emma Bell from Atlanta, Georgia: Acrylic And Pastel
• artist Gaetanne Lavoie from New York, New York: Oil On Canvas On Board
• artist Gar Benedick from Laguna Beach, California: Original Photograph
• artist Gordon Skalski from Victorville, California: Oil, Charcoal, Acrylic
• artist Heidi Holje from Kapp, Norway: Photocollage
• artist Izabela Ciastoń-Pałus from Mysłowice, Poland: Acrylics, Oils, Pastel
• artist James Brennan from Tampa, Florida: Photography
• artist Jane Feely from Gurnee, Illinois: Photography
• artist Jerry Ranch from West Des Moines, Iowa: Photography
• artist Jocelyn Young from Placentia, California: Photography
• artist Karen Haub from San Diego, California: Oil, Mixed Media
• artist Kelly Burke from Baltimore, Maryland: Acrylic, Oil
• artist Kevork Cholakian from Los Angeles, California: Oil, Pastel, Oil
• artist Lesia Maruschak from Ottawa, Canada: Archival Pigment Print
• artist Maria Emilov from Coventry, United Kingdom: Oils Splash And Mixed Media On Canvas
• artist Marie Massey from La Selva Beach, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Mark Dierker from Dubuque, Iowa: Photography
• artist Marsha Karagheusian from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky: Ceramic Earthenware Clay
• artist Martha Meade from Pacific Palisades, California: Oil On Canvas
• artist Melissa Morano from Tenafly, New Jersey: Digital Photography
• artist Robin Appasamy from Honolulu, Hawaii: Encaustic, Mixed Media, On Canvas
• artist Will Ryan from Amagansett, New York: Image Transfer, Color Pencils
• artist Yun Hee Chang from New York, New York: Charcoal, Oil


This art gallery had an open call for entries worldwide for the theme of Play. We had many art submissions.

Nobody knows play better than an artist. Art is our form of play, of exploration and a means to creativity. In this open art call we wanted to see play, or the artist’s interpretation of play. Is it intense? Is it light? Is it happy? Or is it torture? We asked artists worldwide to share their playfulness.

The accepted artists to our online art gallery are:

• artist Diana Benedetti from Miami, Florida: Oil On Canvas
• artist Don Bergland from Victoria, Canada: Digital Art
• artist Greg Noblin from Atlanta, Georgia: Digital Art, Photography, K3 Pigment Ink, Giclée, Watercolor, Tempera, Acrylic, Gel Mediun
• artist Krista Troy from Bryan, Texas: Lithography
• artist Lisa Pedersen from Hermosa Beach, California: Acrylic, Acrylic & Pumice Gel, Acrylic
• artist Lou Peralta from Mexico City, Mexico: Photography
• artist Richard Barnett from Oak Park, California: Oil, Pastel
• artist Sally West from Queenscliff, Australia: Oil On Canvas
• artist Saxon Buckley from Sydney, Australia: Graphite, Charcoal, And Pastel
• artist Tricia Coyle from St. Louis, Missouri: Digital