Current Juried Exhibition Winners

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In these confusing times what our souls and society need are meditation, quiet reflection and a good dose of namaste. In this call for artists we asked to see the artist’s interpretation of peace. Namaste.
The accepted artists from the Namaste open art call are:

• artist Bing Hitchcock from Brighton, United Kingdom: Ink And Oil On Glass
• artist Bruce Herman from Eagle River, Alaska: Photography
• artist Bud Root-Michels from Santa Fe, New Mexico: Acrylic On Panel & Oil On Canvas
• artist Carmen Mardonez from Los Angeles, California: Embroidery
• artist Claire Menegatti from San Gabriel, California: Giclee
• artist Emi Mizuno from Sacramento, California: Paper
• artist Felipe Carvajal Brown from Santa Ana, California: Ink & Watercolor
• artist Kim Wagner-Hemmes from Goodyear, Arizona: Digital Photography
• artist Michael Phelps from Kansas City, Missouri: Ink And Colored Pencil
• artist Nicolas Raymond from Bethesda, Maryland: Photography
• artist Runyu Xia from New York, New York: Digital Art
• artist Sara Williams from Flowery Branch, Georgia: Photography
• artist Sarah Eaton from Portland, Oregon: Archival Ink On Silk
• artist Yoichiro Sakai from Tokyo, Japan: Photography


These are strange times. Horrible times. Purging times. Trump and the Weinstein scandal have sharpened our radar. We are now in a different awareness. We all have been affected by predators from every angle possible. It’s a time for expression. It’s a time for clarity. It’s a time for change. It’s time for redemption. We asked in this open international art call that the artist expresses artistically how they feel about this time and predators. We asked them to define the word predator.

The accepted artists from the Predator open art call are:
• artist April Zanne Johnson from Andover, New Jersey: Graphite, Sumi Ink, Gamsol, Pork Fat On Drafting Film
• artist Austin Eddy from Portland, Oregon: Mixed Media; Oil On Wood
• artist Corissa O’Donnell from Edmonton, Alberta Canada: Mixed Media
• artist Daniel Breslin from Arlington, Massachusetts: Assemblage
• artist Ian Livesay from Long Beach, California: Photography
• artist Mike Livesay from Long Beach, California: Acrylic
• artist So Yoon Kim from Santa Rosa, Arkansas: Spray Paint, Flag, Toilet, Rope
• artist William Haney from Burlington, Canada: Oil
• artist Zoe Lefort from Burlington, Canada: Mixed Media, Drawing


Let’s celebrate the life of the plants and flowers that surround us and remind us of this precious earth. From the minute to the large…our lives depend on the flowering of our world. This international call for entries was for all plant life, not just flowers. We asked artists to show us their best floral artwork.
The Accepted Floral artists are:
• artist Anne Dillon from Christchurch, New Zealand: Digital Photography
• artist Debra Wuts from Hansville, Washington: Photography
• artist Dolores Kiriacon from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Photography
• artist Elizabeth Covington from Los Angeles, California: Watercolor
• artist Ellen Freyer from Los Ángeles, California: Photography
• artist James Brennan from Tampa, Florida: Photography
• artist Jamie Buzil from Glencoe, Illinois: Alternative Transfer Digital Print On Paper
• artist John Sollinger from Ashland, Oregon: Glass And Leaves
• artist Karen Hochman Brown from Altadena, California: Photography
• artist Kathy Knapp from Belpre, Ohio: Textiles, Beads
• artist Linda Mathiesen from Copenhagen, Denmark: Oil
• artist Robbi Montgomery from Mundelein, Illinois: Photography
• artist Vicky Talwar from Stouffville, Canada: Acrylic And Mixed Media On Canvas


The study of movement in art is historical and a paradox. How can you study motion in a still art form? We asked artist to give us their best study about motion, blur or movement in still art.
The accepted artists from the Movement Call for Artists were:

• artist Alex Krajkowski from Eugene, Oregon: Photography
• artist Alex Tolstoy from Mclean, Virginia: Watercolor
• artist Gar Benedick from Laguna Beach, California: Photography
• artist Jeremy Foy from Dekalb, Illinois: Pen & Ink
• artist John Francis from Boise, Idaho: Photography
• artist Julie Dotson from Livermore, California: Acrylic
• artist Omar Reyna from Whitehorse, Canada: Photography
• artist Pavel Hafizov from Marupe, Latvia: Oil
• artist Stuart Fingerhut from Los Angeles, California: Mixed Media
• artist Stuart Lehrman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Acrylic
• artist Willam Haney from Hillsborough, New Jersey: Mixed Media


Our water-themed open art call was named “H2O”. Water, whether we acknowledge it or not, is our everything. It’s what we’re made of, what we need to survive, what calms us, and what makes up most of our earth. It’s also what we tend to obsess about in art from oceanscapes to lakeside images to swimming pools to the water that makes up our bodies. It’s so inclusive that everyone knows what the chemical name is, H2O, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. In this H2O open art call we asked to see an artist’s best artwork about water.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
• artist Aaron Wilder from San Francisco, California: Photography
• artist Angie Sinclair from Wilmington, North Carolina: Oil On Canvas
• artist Anne Yoncha from Missoula, Montana: Dye, Resist, Acrylic On Silk
• artist Beth Nerney from Melrose, Massachusetts: Photography
• artist Brooke Sippel from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: Photography
• artist Danny Sepkowski from Ewa Beach, Hawaii: Photography
• artist Deedee Hughes from Fairfield, Connecticut: Mixed Media
• artist Eleanor Gray from Canyon Country, California: Photography
• artist Erica Fallin from Reston, Virginia: Photography
• artist Irina Shoyhet from Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Photography
• artist J Howard from Alvin, Texas: Soft Pastels
• artist Kathy Knapp from Belpre, Ohio: Textiles, Beads
• artist Keita Tokuda from Woodside, New York: Photography
• artist Kristol Jones from Everett, Washington: Mixed Media
• artist Liz Ruest from Seattle, Washington: Digital Collage
• artist Marie Rioux from Lévis, Canada: Oil On Canvas
• artist Marsha Karagheusian from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky: Ceramic Earthenware Clay
• artist Ordí Calder from Armação Dos Búzios, Brazil: Photography
• artist Yehudit Englard from Tel-Aviv, Israel: Oil On Canvas
• artist Yoong Wah Wong from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Digital Photography
• artist Yunhee Min from Chicago, Illinois: Porcelain

Zoom In

There are entire worlds happening on a smaller level than you can actually see or comprehend. When you open your eyes to it and really see it, you begin to understand that our universe is larger on so many levels. Zoom In is a call for artists who can get close up in a macro sort of way to help the viewer understand what lies beneath and within. In this call for entries we asked that the artist submit their best art that takes us into that other world.

The accepted artists from this call for entries are:
• artist Alejandro Cerutti from Rio Tercero, Argentina: Digital Photography
• artist Charlene Moy from Chicago, Illinois: Watercolor
• artist Daniel Kariko from Greenville, North Carolina: Digital Photography
• artist Dolores Kiriacon from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Photography
• artist Elizabeth Hauser from Pasadena, California: Acrylic
• artist Hilary Saner from Morro Bay, California: Oil On Paper
• artist Jim Baab from Somerville, Massachusetts: Digital Photography
• artist José María Gómez Ros from Madrid, Spain: Photography
• artist Katy Kidd from Santa Fe, New Mexico: Oil On Panel
• artist Scott Amling from Newport Beach, California: Photography
• artist Ushrayinee Sarker from Chandler, Arizona: Photography