Quick Guide: FAQ’s  If you read nothing else read this! (Please, we beg you!) We accept international artists of all ages. There are certain standards that our artists artwork must meet in order to be hung in the gallery. We recommend you follow this quick guide that we have created to help you. If you would like even more detailed information you can visit the links provided in each section. If your artwork arrives is not presentable in any way, we reserve the right to refuse to hang it. Please know, we are a professional gallery and we are looking to present professional work. LargeRead More →

Do you want Linus to print your artwork? (photography only) If your artwork is photography and you are still deciding on whether or not to be considered for one of our live shows (choosing the option online and live when you submit to us), we have a printing option for you. For those of you who wish to avoid the cost of shipping and possible damage to your artwork we have the ability to print a duplicate of your work(s) for you on a variety of fine art paper. The choice of which fine art paper to use is determined by our production staff andRead More →

Dropping off artwork to our office or gallery  More than likely your artwork won’t be ready to hang right when you walk in so protect your work with proper packaging that is labeled as yours.   We still recommmend a box to protect your artwork and the very least a bubble wrapped bag with your name and artwork written on it. Same rule applies for you lucky locals.   If you do not pick up your artwork at the designated time we will consider your artwork a donation to the gallery.   Absolutely No Peanuts or Popcorn filling in your boxes will be accepted. Why?Read More →

Shipping Your Artwork  Shipping Carriers We prefer Fedex because of their tracking and their ease of pickup. If you use USPS or UPS or DHL, you will need to arrange a pickup. Make sure to create an online account with a shipping carrier and track your package. We will not let you know when it arrives, but you can track it in your online account. YOU MUST INCLUDE A RETURN LABEL AND YOUR RETURN LABEL MUST HAVE A BARCODE ON IT. Your label is not correct if it does not have a barcode on it. If you have a label with just your account or creditRead More →

Packaging Your Artwork to Ship  We highly recommend that you invest in good packing materials for your artwork to ship in. Proper packaging is a wise investment especially if you will be sending your pieces back and forth to galleries. What to do: If you are dropping off we highly recommend protecting your work with some type of bubble wrap or foam or box. Label these if you want them returned to you please. Write your name and the name of your artwork large and clear on the sides of the box so that we can return the artwork back in the same box. WhatRead More →