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Watercolor artist, Tina Dille, was selected to be part of our most recent art show “Silent Communication”. During the opening reception at our contemporary art gallery, she intrigued viewers with a live art demonstration. In addition to participating in the show, Dille had an artist portrait photography session with Linnea Lenkus. The spontaneity of her watercolor technique results in colorful layered renditions of what she most enjoys as a subject, animals. Her watercolor entitled Geo Colt, demonstrates her unique process; although contained within the outline of a horse’s head, the fluidity of the medium is seen throughout, creating a mosaic-like appearance. As flowing colors bleed into one another, they add depth and a solid form to the animal’s portrait.

Curator at Linus Galleries, Linnea Lenkus, enjoys getting to know the artist participants of our art shows. Being a fine art photographer, she and the artist benefit from having portrait sessions in which the artist can let loose and show their unique artistic individuality in front of the camera. For Lenkus, it is important that the artist leaves our gallery knowing that it is a supportive resource for their artistic goals.

artist portrait

Live art demonstration by Tina Dille for our “Silent Communication” art show.

artist portrait

Tina Dille photographed by Linnea Lenkus.

“I take my art very seriously.  Originally an oil painter, I felt my work was too controlled and predictable.  So about ten years ago, I switched over to watercolors and fell in love with the medium’s free-flowing spontaneous nature.  Now with watercolors, I’ve combined my passion for animals to create art that balances skill and serendipitous effects to produce conceptual animal portraitures.

Although my work is a labor of love, this process or style takes endless hours of sequestered painting to develop a painting that I consider to be museum/gallery quality.  So when paintings such as “E.B.” and “Geo Colt” reaches the gallery walls’ of Linus Gallery, for example, it’s a time for me to celebrate, rejoice, and enjoy the camaraderie of the art scene.

artist portrait

Dille’s portrait taken by Linnea Lenkus.

Linus Gallery makes this portion of the art process a real bonus.   “Silent Communication” being my second exhibition with the gallery, I truly appreciate the promotional resources Linus Galleries provides their artists such as live video clips of  interviews during the art receptions and the opportunity to schedule a free private photo session with the talented professional photographer Linnea Lenkus owner of Linus Galleries.  Thank you Linnea and your amazing staff for making all this possible for artists.”

-Tina Dille


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