Current Juried Exhibition Winners

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The accepted artists from the Americana call for submissions are:

Americana, a broad term, as in all things American. America is wide in experience, size and interpretation, in a small amount of history and yet, historically brilliant.In this open art call asked to see the artist’s interpretation of Americana. For everybody, America is something different. We want yours. Is it the Wild West? Is it the time of the American Revolution? The Cold Ware? The 60’s? Is it the political realm, currently taking over the world? Is it the original Americans? Is it our abuses? Is it our triumphs? Is it our leaders? Or is it simply one American you admire? In this open art call we asked to see the artist’s interpretation of Americana.The following artists were chosen from this call for entries:

artist April Aldighieri Smith from Simsbury, Connecticut: Photography On Metal Print
artist Fred Larucci from Woodstock, Illinois: Graphite
artist Kelly Burke from Baltimore, Maryland: Quilt, Mixed Media
artist Lia Ali from Santa Monica, California: Oil
artist Norma Warden from Castaic, California: Photography
artist Richard Barnett from Oak Park, California: Oil
artist Scott Herndon from Washington, District Of Columbia: Photography
artist Travis Gordon from Pasadena, California: Photography



The Reflections call for entries accepted artists are:

Reflection is defined as “The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.” But it’s more than that. It’s the contemplation of the spirit and mind. It’s the light that bounces back into us and the darkness. It’s the thing that all sensation and thought evolves from. In this call for submissions we asked to see the artist’s interpretation of reflections, their take on all surfaces, whether physical, spiritual or intellectual.

artist Alex Tolstoy from Mclean, Virginia: Watercolor
artist Andra Gavrila from Edmonton, Canada: Acrylic
artist António Castilho from Lisboa, Portugal: Photography
artist Carol Kleinman from Pacific Palisades, California: Single Exposure Digital Image On Canvas
artist Cathy Abramson from Chevy Chase, Maryland: Oil On Canvas
artist David W Hennage from Long Beach, California: Sculpture: Resin, Steel
artist Dolores Kiriacon from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Photography
artist Eike Waltz from Aptos, California: Sculpture
artist Erica Fallin from Reston, Virginia: Photography
artist Jim Haller from Berryville, Virginia: Ink & Wood Stain
artist John Winston Connell from Los Angeles, California: Photography
artist Julie Clark from London, United Kingdom: Acrylic, Acrylic Inks, Textured Medium, Acrylic Glazing Medium
artist Justice Duncan from Los Angeles, Californa: Oil
Karen Hochman Brown from Altadena, California: Photography, Digital Art
artist Kelly Anderson from Chicago, Illinois: Photography
artist M.C. Reardon from Portland, Oregon: Photography
artist Maria Kremneva from St. Petersburg, Russia: Photography
artist Michael Marlitt from Portland, Oregon: Photography
artist Miguel Barros from Calgary, Canada: Digital Art Painting
artist Minako Yamano from Tokyo, Japan: Colored Ink
artist Nina Kling from New York, New York: Photography
artist Ryuten Paul Rosenblum from San Anselmo, California: Photography
artist Shona Macdonald from South Hadley, Massachusetts: Oil On Canvas
artist Stephanie Holznecht from Janesville, Wisconsin: Fluid Acrylic
artist Stephen Wysocki from Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin: Oil
artist Travis Gordon from Pasadena, California: Photography
artist Wanda Hickman from Issaquah, Washington: Watercolor



The accepted artists from the  Movement art contest are:

We are defined by our movements through life, whether it is our own movement or our witnessing of movement unfolding before us. Capturing the essence of movement through a still medium is often a tricky one. In this open call to artists, we asked to art capturing a sense of movement.

The following artists were accepted:

artist Alex Krajkowski from Eugene, Oregon: Photography
artist Alex Tolstoy from Mclean, Virginia: Watercolor
artist Gar Benedick from Laguna Beach, California: Photography
artist Jeremy Foy from Dekalb, Illinois: Pen & Ink
artist John Francis from Boise, Idaho: Photography
artist Julie Dotson from Livermore, California: Acrylic
artist Omar Reyna from Whitehorse, Canada: Photography
artist Pavel Hafizov from Marupe, Latvia: Oil
artist Stuart Fingerhut from Los Angeles, California: Mixed Media
artist Stuart Lehrman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Acrylic
artist Willam Haney from Hillsborough, New Jersey: Mixed Media


The accepted artists from the Patterns art competition are:

We encounter patterns in our everyday lives, ranging from the clothes we wear, the products we use and the architecture around us. Patterns can be man made or occur naturally and can hold deep meaning or be simply decorative. In this call for submissions we asked to see a creative approach in portraying patterns!

Number of Artworks Name Location Medium
1 Ariana Vaeth Baltimore, Maryland Oil
2 Erica Fallin Reston, Virginia Photography
3 Gina Vreeland Long Beach, California Photography
1 Jo Merit Goleta, California Acrylic
4 Karen Hochman Brown Altadena, California Digital Art
1 Michael Davis Scottsdale, Arizona Acrylic
1 Nadine Messier Long Beach, California Digital Art
1 Rhonda Thomas Urdang Flagstaff, Arizona Acrylic, Diptych
2 Robert Mertens Harrisonburg, Virginia Fiber, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Silkscreen
1 Simone Schifmacher San Antonio, Texas Fiber, Mixed Media

Abstract Expressionism

Here are the accepted artists from the Abstract Expressionism call for entries:

Beginning in the mid 20th century, Abstract Expressionism has remained a relevant art movement to this day. The movement is concerned with defining the purpose of ones art rather than the method and seeks to portray art that is abstract but also expressive or emotional in its effects. In this call for submissions we asked to see a creative approach to abstract expressionism. These were the chosen artists:

Abbie Fundling from Reston, Virginia creating with Oil, Silkscreen
Amy Nordby from Meriden, Connecticut creating with Acrylic, Resin
Ana-LIa Washington from Winmalee, Australia creating with Digital Art, Photography
Arlene Farenci from Glen Ridge, New Jersey creating with Mokulito Technique
Austin Fields from Vancouver, Washington creating with Acrylic, Pen & Ink
Barbara Stacher from Bruxelles, Belgium creating with Charcoal, Graphite, Oil, Pastels, Pigments
Caitlin Aasen from Saint Louis, Missouri creating with Dye and Colorant on Drywall panels
Dawn Marshall from Aurora, Colorado creating with Photography
Diane Chung from San Francisco, California creating with Digital Art, Photography
Garry Harley from Lowell, Massachusetts creating with Digital Art
Guntis Lauzums from Belgium, Wisconsin creating with Photography
Heather Jacks from Germantown, Maryland creating with Mixed Media, Oil, cold wax
Jennifer L Schmidt from Arlington, Virginia creating with Collage, Fiber, Mixed Media
Jill Duncan from Long Beach, California creating with Digital Art, Photography
Jonathan Thomas Armstrong from Salisbury, North Carolina creating with Digital Art, Photography
Kelly Anderson from Chicago, Illinois creating with Photography
Laura Ewing from Boston, Massachusetts creating with Acrylic
Marnae Rathke from Salt Lake City, Utah creating with Photography
Marta Wapiennik from Cracow, Poland creating with Oil
McKenzie Buzard from Savannah, Georgia creating with Photosculpture
Megan Bickel from Cincinnati, Ohio creating with Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil, Pastels, Pen & Ink, Pigments, Watercolor, Mylar
Michelle Meister from Lake Havasu City, Arizona creating with Acrylic
Nicholas Cavarretta from Carbondale, Illinois creating with Oil
Ronan Tipan from Chicago, Illinois creating with Oil on Canvas
Shaun Whiteside from Christiansburg, Virginia creating with Acrylic
Vanessa Michalak from Altoona, Pennsylvania creating with Oil