Quick Guide FAQs

Quick Guide: FAQ’s 

If you read nothing else read this! (Please, we beg you!)

We accept international artists of all ages. There are certain standards that our artists artwork must meet in order to be hung in the gallery. We recommend you follow this quick guide that we have created to help you. If you would like even more detailed information you can visit the links provided in each section.

If your artwork arrives is not presentable in any way, we reserve the right to refuse to hang it. Please know, we are a professional gallery and we are looking to present professional work.

Large artworks: Please remember that if your piece is wider than 54 inches, and or longer than 70 inches, you will need to ship your artwork directly to the Pasadena Gallery. You will need to contact us first so that we can arrange a date and time to be there for delivery.

Preparing Artwork Quick Guide

Click HERE for more in-depth tips on preparing artwork.

Photographs must be properly mounted! Canvases should be stretched tight! Artwork on paper must be either framed or mounted on something that will lay flat against the wall and can be hung with one nail. No clips!

No glass in frames. We highly discourage framing with glass especially if you are going to ship. We recommend you frame with plexi glass instead. Whatever you decide, make sure there is no dust, hairs or any other particles caught in between. Use canned air or an air compressor to help blow out unwanted particles.









Choose a frame that is simple and contemporary.

Please no ornate gold or silver and Colored plastic frames (this means no turquoise, or neon colors).

Please no unfinished wood or old, battered frames.

Presentation is important, but it should not overwhelm your artwork. Buyers often change frames anyway. We recommend simple black frames. They are easier to touch up in case of  any damage during shipping. If you have multiple pieces in the show keep please keep in mind that they will most likely be hung together  and will look better when the frames are coordinated.

All framed artwork and unframed canvases need to lay flat against the wall when hung. Make sure that your frame is free of dents and scratches.

We recommend hanging your artwork on the wall before it is shipped. If the frame is coming apart, not stable, or the wires are too loose and you can see the wires above the frame, it needs to be fixed. Be sure that the frame has enough frame points to hold the artwork in and that they are not visible.

Your artwork needs to have a wire as its primary mode of hanging on the back (no saw tooth or other contraptions that take special nails and extra hammers). We will charge $35 if we have to wire it to hang properly.

If your artwork needs to be prepared in any way for hanging, there will be a minimum $35 fee depending on the amount of work that needs to be done on the artwork. This includes, but is not limited to opening frames to clean, dust, hairs or other debris between the artwork and the pane, re-adjusting pictures onto their mounting, touching up frames, or wiping off canvases that have been wrapped in wax paper, etc. –If your work needs to be repaired in anyway, there will be a minimum fee of $35

If you are including reprints for sale, package them with a business card and the price tag on the external clear package. Include an inventory sheet of what you are sending us so that we can keep track of your items.

Packaging and Shipping Quick Guide

Click HERE for more in-depth packaging tips

packaging multiple small works in one box












Package your artwork properly! We recommend a clam shell box with a convoluted foam insert. No wooden crates. We will not open them.

Another method for transporting multiple artworks is the method shown in the image above illustrating foam cases in sleeves. this is recommended for multiple small canvases or framed artworks

Don’t use tape or popcorn to protect your artwork on the inside. Bubble wrap bags are the best in this situation. We charge a $35 janitorial fee for peanuts or messy styrofoam.

Protection is good but be careful not to overdo it. Excessive layers and packing materials such as tape can cause damage to your artwork when try to unwrap it and will destroy the packaging materials from further use.

Art Gallery Rules









Write your name, address, artwork title(s), weight and dimensions of the box you are shipping your artwork on at least two sides of your box.  We highly encourage providing a picture of your artwork on the sides as well. This extra step helps us out tremendously.

label outer box or provide an image!









Enclose a prepaid shipping label that has a bar code on it. (We prefer Fed Ex, but do not require that it to be FedEx). If it does not have a bar code your shipping provider will not pick it up. For FedEx users, please contact a representative for details on how to get a label that says either ‘PRP’ or “Return Manager” in order to enable us to schedule a pickup. When using a ship label sticker it is a good idea to write your name and address somewhere else on the box in pen in case it is damaged.

USPS packages must be sent with a pre-paid priority mail label or they will not be picked up when it comes time to return your package. Artwork that is not picked up will be considered a donation to the gallery.









Dropping off/ Pick Up Quick Guide

Click HERE for more in-depth tips on dropping off.

Protecting your artwork is still a good idea. If you are dropping off in Long Beach it needs to be in a box for safe transport. Be sure to write your name and artwork on your protective materials so that we can get them back to you.

If you are including reprints for sale package them individually with a business card and the price on the back. You can either mount them or include a piece of cardboard on the inside for protection against bending. This makes for better presentation. Include an inventory sheet of what you are sending us.

If you cannot pick up on the specified date you must email us or your artwork will be considered a donation. Gallery pick-up is in Pasadena, but for those who prefer a Long Beach pick up you may email us after the show.

Please visit our FAQs for more helpful details about these topics and others. Please note that we do our best to repair minor scratches etc. If your piece arrives in need of more extensive repairs in order to be hung you may be charged a minimum $35 fee. We reserve the right to not hang artwork in the event of severe damage or if the artwork was misrepresented in any way.

Click HERE to read some tips on writing an artist’s statement.

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