How To Ship Artwork

Shipping Your Artwork 

Shipping Carriers
We prefer Fedex because of their tracking and their ease of pickup. If you use USPS or UPS or DHL, you will need to arrange a pickup. Make sure to create an online account with a shipping carrier and track your package. We will not let you know when it arrives, but you can track it in your online account.

YOU MUST INCLUDE A RETURN LABEL AND YOUR RETURN LABEL MUST HAVE A BARCODE ON IT. Your label is not correct if it does not have a barcode on it. If you have a label with just your account or credit card number on it that means it has not been processed and it will not be picked up by your shipping company. DO NOT SEND the labels that you fill out by hand and ask for your credit card. Please see the images to the right.

The outside of the box? Write your name and the name of your artwork large and clear on the sides of the box as well as the size of the box and the weight of the box. This will guarantee that the box will be returned to you.
What should I know if I am shipping out of of Country?
Please allow time for your shipment to pass through customs. If it is selected to be checked it will delay the entrance into the U.S. You also need to specify on the shipping documents that all charges are applied to you as the shipper. If it is not specified and we receive an invoice we will then send you and invoice for double the amount. One option to avoid the hassle and cost of customs is to have our gallery print and frame your print for you. Please email us for that information.
If Your Artwork Arrives Damaged
By sending us your artwork and agreeing to be a part of the exhibit you also agree to the following if your artwork arrives damaged. We will do our best to repair the damage or hide it but we cannot email you pictures of the damage. If the damage cannot be repaired or if it looks too damaged to hang then we will store it to be returned or picked up as scheduled with the rest of the artwork. If the damage alters the price at all we can negotiate with the buyer and get your permission before the final sale.
By following our advice on packaging artwork, you will save yourself needless grief and expense. It pains us to see a damaged piece of art arrive because of careless packaging. We want our artists to be in our art shows.
Our Shipping Address is:
Linus Galleries 2699 E. 28th Street, #416 Signal Hill, CA  90755

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