How To Drop Off Artwork

Dropping off artwork to our office or gallery

  • ┬áMore than likely your artwork won’t be ready to hang right when you walk in so protect your work with proper packaging that is labeled as yours.


  • We still recommmend a box to protect your artwork and the very least a bubble wrapped bag with your name and artwork written on it. Same rule applies for you lucky locals.


  • If you do not pick up your artwork at the designated time we will consider your artwork a donation to the gallery.


  • Absolutely No Peanuts or Popcorn filling in your boxes will be accepted. Why? Because we have to clean up after it, and it takes unnecessary time away from the things we need to do, namely hang artwork and prepare for our art shows. Time=money. So if you insist on packaging with peanuts, there will be a $30 Janitorial Fee that we will deduct from the sale of your artwork. If we do not sell your artwork, we will bill you for the Janitorial Fee before we send your artwork back to you. Please follow this rule.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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